We The Planet!

Don’t put those walking shoes away, friends of Mother Earth!

The flurry of Trump’s pro-fossil fuel, pipeline construction edicts and his well-known denial of the truth of climate change has sparked a fire under environmentalists from Sierra Club  chapters to the calling for a new march on Washington, this time by an organization called, “The People’s Climate Movement.”

The People’s Climate Movement plans to march on Washington, and across the country. They have a date set: April 29. In addition, they are proposing 100 days of action and resistance until the march in April.

The People’s Climate Movement came to be in 2014, after a group of activists and individuals from all walks of life organized a march in New York City, on the eve of the UN Climate Summit, where the Paris Climate Agreement was being orchestrated.

As an organization, the People’s Climate Movement insists on building a new economy, with the support of public leaders, that will avert the worst impacts of the climate crisis while promoting jobs and social justice.  (italics excerpt from a January  27, 2017 Global Citizen post by writer Gabriella  Canal).

Speaking of dates to remember,  it is imperative for each of us who resist Trump’s way of doing the country’s business, to know of any local and state elections between now and the mid-term elections.

In preparation for that all-important election, our congressional women and men must know that if they do not hear us now, they will hear us marching to the voting booth.We must go to the politician’s soft spot “re-election” and vote the “Trump-sters” out of office.

We have to be encouraged and emboldened by the fantastic grassroots organizing abilities of our country’s women in that incredible show of solidarity around a host of causes. We have to be heartened by the worldwide marches. We all are coming to see the global glue that bonds all these causes together because they are all of one spirit…the human spirit to endure, to express, to champion, to say…I AM HERE because WE ARE HERE TOGETHER!

We are the planet! We are of the very minerals, water and soil that is our physical selves. We are birthed out of the womb of Mother Earth, breathed into life by the Creator, and are sharing the same air, water, soil and spirit.

Mother Earth is now calling out to us…her children…to save her as she chokes on the fumes of fossil fuel emissions and is sickened by the polluted waters.  She is being raped by the de-foresters. She calls out to deafened ears of climate change deniers.

Do you hear that call, that cry, that “whole creation has been groaning,”as the Bible puts?

In this clear and present danger of the so-called, post-fact world, we must become the facts, in voice, in marching, in song, in writing, in every way possible to make sure the facts cannot be twisted by fools.

Shutting down EPA and other scientific websites or putting gag orders on government staffers, does not make the climate change facts go away.  These Trumped-up actions have only rallied the resistance movements!

Dare I give an analogy of this earth crisis to the holocaust? I do only to point out that one can deny climate change as one can deny the holocaust. But deny as they will, it does not erase the facts and evidence that they both exist.

What will it take to awaken our polluting-promoting politicians and our POTUS to the realities of climate change?

Will it be the day the ever-rising sea level waters are lapping at Trump’s Florida estate’s door?  On that day, Mother Earth will call out, “Can you hear me now?”

The most harmful pollution we now face is the pollution of the mind, poisoning those who refuse to accept the truth, and pollute it with false “alternative facts” broadcast by fake news sources.

In the spirit of, and in solidarity with, all those global citizens who are even now becoming climate refugees, let us stand and walk and shout and sing and never stop until the “America first-ers” shall be last.

The only “traitors” here are those who are betraying the people’s trust as they, through greed and executive “orders,” accelerate the disasters of climate change.

They are the traitors of the planet’s truth!

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