Standing Rock: Ground Zero


Since August, the Standing Rock resistance to the continuance of the Dakota Access Pipe Line has become an internationally recognized, ground zero for the ongoing struggle.

Before reading on…if you support the Standing Rock resistance camp…do this NOW!

Contact: Belcourt Hardware and Lumber, located on Turtle Mountain Reservation – Belcourt, ND) Call 701-477-0560. 

Per a very reliable source, the store is “willing to take orders over the phone and deliver supplies to camp. They have everything from gloves, shovels, propane tanks, building supplies, wood, tents, coffee, chain saws, ETC. They support Standing Rock and the Water Protectors. They would like to bring a load down on SATURDAY.”  #WaterProtectors #NoDapl#StandingRock #RezpectOurWater #MniWiconi #WaterIsLife#SacredStoneCamp #OcetiSakowin #RedWarriorCamp

Standing Rock is among the first harbingers of how the new administration in Washington, D.C. will honor or, more to the point, frustrate environmental efforts, Native American tribal claims, land fights in general, protest movements, the media, and corporate/public/private/ government policies.

Standing Rock, as per the pipeline issue, is a tale of two administrations. On one hand, Obama’s instructions to the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the permits for building the line over the tribal lands, was to create time to seek alternative construction routes. Those plans can be frustrated simply by inertia on the part of the pipeline company, all levels of government and the Corps of Engineers.

All indications are that, without final resolution before inauguration day, Trump will take his Bible-holding oath of office in D.C.and will soon make the sacred grounds in N.D. tremble with earth moving machines resuming construction,  once again creating a mockery of the biblical teachings of justice and righteousness.

As frigid as the plains winds and snows will be, bringing temperatures as low as 50-degrees or more below zero, is the equally chilling, numbing fact that Trump himself owns shares in the pipeline’s Energy Transfer Partners, which is reported to have contributed some $100,000 to Trump during his campaign.

I will say it now and loud,  I cannot abide any more  “let’s give the new administration a chance”  to prove itself, rhetoric!

Those words alone are proof that the the Trump tower of power has already placated both major political parties and most of the general public. Even those initially frustrated with the outcome of the election are retreating back to their “normal” work-a-day lifestyles, hunkering down for the winter.

I’ve lived through Manitoba winters directly above North Dakota. If you have not experienced it, you have no idea of what the Standing Rock people are willing to do on behalf of what is just and right, for you and for generations to come.

Believe me its not, “Jack Frost nipping at your nose” as that yuletide song sings.


But, enough of this rant!

Do something Today! Make that call at the top of this blog!


The Unlikely Student



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