“Give Now!”………For What, Exactly?

These days following the Trump “upset,” non-profits are wasting no time sending urgent, almost panic-stricken appeals to  “give now”  so they may redouble their efforts to defend their causes which are in the path of Trump’s tornado.

Can’t blame them, really. Anyone who works for a non-profit knows how to turn any crisis into a cash opportunity.

I’m sorry. Was that too cynical?

My point is simply this; be editorially vigilant about how you posture the “how,” “why” and “to what end” you want to use donor’s funds. And, be specific, please.

Given, that Trump’s  campaign rhetoric and his “first one hundred day promises” is  good reason to imagine, no expect, strides made on so many fronts may unravel before the nation’s and the world’s eyes.

So, I suggest, don’t posture appeals using the same “fear” tactics used to rally the red-capped storm troopers. You’re better than that, aren’t you?

Blogger and fund raising expert, Mazarine Treyz recently wrote, “One in ten people in the US works at a nonprofit.” My guess is that some of these nonprofits rejoiced at the election results. Others did not.

So, if you are still standing and want to rage against the new regime, Trezy suggests,  instead of complaining, do something with the assets you have. If you are a fund raiser, give it your all. If you can throw a party, do one and speak to people. If you have tech skills, put them to use. (You can find her blog at mazarine@wildwomanfundraising.com)

In other words, be rational.

If you are an organization that is sending these “Give Now” appeals to “fight back” please use facts. Organize, not just for a few days in the streets with raised fists to Trump Towers, but, as thinking people, who do not let emotions cause non-profits to turn on each other competing for the post-election, knee-jerked, “anger-based” contributions.

My only “fear” is that like most protests, they fade without organized strategies on how they “will never give up.”

Sorry, but too much of this election postmortem talk sounds like those well-meaning people who come to your side when a death or divorce comes to your family. They say, “We’re here for you. We will be on your side through this.” And, then, within a month, a week, or even a day or two, you never see or hear from them again.

You want my dollars? Tell me what you are planning to do? Who will you partner with? What is really at stake? Show me the numbers, the stories, the evidence that you have a way forward.

How serious are you about raising watchtowers on the plains of battle to minimize the impact of the new administration’s executive orders, appointments and bills sent to a friendly Congress?

Are you so serious you are willing to merge? To join forces rather than protect your donor and program turfs? Solidarity comes with costs. Are you ready to pay up?


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