A Climate Change of Mind?

sea level photo

Who is caring now about climate change? About rising sea levels? Hmmmm. Let me think!

While more than 20 countries, according to the World Economic Forum, watch water levels creep ever so steadily into their way of life and, for some Pacific Island nations, their possible extinction, their cries for attention are largely ignored.

Now, truth be told, we may have an ally from an unlikely sector…the real estate industry.

I could not help notice an August 4 news feed from TriplePundit, a source for corporations concerned about the “triple bottom line” – people, planet, and, profit.

The article reads in part…

“We do not hear much about climate change from the real estate industry, but this month Zillow spoke out about the risk to coastal properties nationwide. The online property database company issued a report this week that suggested sea-level rise could cause almost $1 trillion in property losses by the end of this century.”  

This quote refers to USA real estate. So, I have no expectations the industry’s concern goes beyond that, in terms of the “people and planet” global imperative, at least for the time being.

It’s also no surprise the article wastes no words before mentioning this hand-in-glove sister industry  – insurance.

“When companies such as Zillow start a discussion about climate change risks, that should be a signal for insurance companies to evaluate how they are going to underwrite policies for commercial and residential real estate in the long run.”

I must confess, the first draft of this blog was quite critical of corporate responses to global warming and in particular the rising sea levels threatening coastal areas and people around the world.

However, on reflection, I thought this might be an occasion to invite and encourage corporate engagement in preserving threatened at-sea-level (or soon to be) global communities.

So, here is my pitch…

Fellow earth dwellers,  hear that rising surf? Let it be a wake-up call to your industries.

Whether climate change defines your triple bottom line or whether its the profit line only, as corporations you have both a moral and leadership responsibility, or call it an opportunity, to slow the pace of our melting polar caps. Doing your part to save communities and even entire island nations from extinction is more than protecting your real estate assets. Isn’t it simply the right thing to do?

Whether your stock holders are still in climate change denial or just now emerging from denial into the “bargaining” phase of the real estate grieving process, it is high time (tide) to put your feet in the waters of this effort.

They may not ever be your customers, but entire people groups are at risk of being swept away by the tides of indifference and “it’s not my problem, if it really is a problem” thinking.

Corporate stock holders,  please make their lives your real return on investment!

The scientific community can do little to impede the sea-level creep without an all-in global corporate “buy-in”.  If you want to think in terms of the potential loss of trillions in submerged real estate or insurance policy claims, that’s your business, as they say.

I ask you,”When a glacier falls into the ocean, does it make a sound?”

If so, who’s listening? Are you?


theunlikelystudent@yahoo.com or leave your thoughts here

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