Refugee or Recruit?

The "unlikely" world leader
The “unlikely” world leader                                               

So, here’s a test…

What do you see? Desperate kids or doctoral students?

Faced with insufficient funds, and a future of more sprawling camps which can’t be sustained, world refugee organizations and government officials are desperate and in desperate times we see desperate “solutions.”

Here’s one…give refugees a micro-loan from World Bank affiliates so they, the refugees, can become entrepreneurs selling what most locals can’t use or don’t need.

That’s a “fix-it” that studies have shown will more likely send micro-borrowers spiraling deep in debt.

So, again, whom do you see in this picture? Desperate kids or doctoral students?

Its time to do as the extremist groups are doing, mining the untapped resources of the human talent among refugee youth and young adults.

Imaging using a portion of the micro-loan and humanitarian aid funds as scholarship money.

Recruit higher education institutions to open their campuses to the world of refugee talent.  Send college recruiters from every continent to the camps or holding centers, screen and sign students to attend universities around the world, earn a degree and contribute to their host country or return to their homeland to change the conditions causing the refugee crises.

The bright hope and the best citizens of our global future await in today’s refugee camps. We just have to see them!

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