Eat Your Lesson Plans!

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Hello teachers…If you have ever wanted to tear up your so-called lesson plans and actually DO some TEACHING…this blog is your friend.

If you have seen, tried or have not quite dared to try something new – some alternative ways of reaching that one “unlikely student” write on! Send me your post and I will share it…like all learning and all tools should be…nothing should be proprietary.

Put it all out there…all your ideas…share for the sake of that one frustrated teacher or parent or guardian who needs your key to unlock the heart and mind of that one learning…the unlikely one everyone has written off…the one who is beyond even the margins of your lesson plan book.

Its not about re-inventing teaching…its about learning all over how learning works – re-invent yourself!

The composer Philip Glass says in his book, “Words Without Music” that music is the art of listening…and writing is the art of speaking…and visual arts is the art of seeing…so too can we dare say…teaching is the art of learning?

Let the learning begin!

Eat your lesson plans! After all, they are just paper to satisfy whomever really wants to see them…

Tell me true…how many times have you actually “taught” your lesson plan play book?

I ate my lesson plans and now I am hungry to learn!

How about you?

Send your comments and your ideas to






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